Design at the service of sustainable food

In a rapidly changing world, where societal and environmental issues are decisive and fundamental.

Where our consumption patterns are doomed to change, the agri-food sector also has its role to play. How? ‘Or’ What ? By developing the concept of Sustainable Food.

At CBA, we are proud to support brands and companies that bring meaning and constantly seek to improve their practices. Come and discover some of the brands with which we have collaborated in the development of projects that promote Sustainable Food.

Through design, we advance their Critical Imprint.


Maggi Marketplace, a range based on 100% natural ingredients for inspiring everyday cuisine!

For this project, the CBA teams created:

  • The identity of the Maggi Marketplace brand
  • Its graphic territory
  • Its packaging look & feel for a worldwide launch!

Since then, the identity of Maggi Marketplace has been rolled out in several key markets, such as Germany, Australia, France, Poland and the Netherlands.

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Daddy has been working with CBA for almost 15 years to give meaning to the use of sugar by reinventing it in his daily life!

Today we have repositioned the Daddy brand by deploying an iconoclastic and atypical differentiation strategy driven by packaging design, innovation and activation.

Since November 2019, the cane sugar range has been offered in doypack packaging made from 100% recyclable kraft paper, with a new design for better emergence on the shelf.

Concretely, a project that reconciles meaning and utility for this historic brand!

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Good Goût, actor of awakening through taste

Good Goût is a brand created in 2010 by parents who wanted to reinvent the “baby food” category.

In collaboration with a Chef, they were able to launch small dishes for babies, around 3 strong and ambitious drivers: the Good, the Beautiful, the Organic.

The company called on our teams to develop dialogue between the brand and parents through the logo and its brand signature.

Good Gout additionnel 13

Secondly, for babies who have grown up, the agency created the graphic register for the Kidz range.

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CBA Design Naturalia 04 Website

Finally, we take you to discover Naturalia! Centered on pillars such as responsibility, transparency, diversity and daring since 1973, the brand is committed to offering an organic alternative in the heart of cities.
Naturalia called on CBA for a global overhaul of its identity based on its original values: a brand that advocates the freedom to live organic in its own way!
The graphic concept is based on the brand’s DNA that is bold, unconventional and transparent; concept that fully contributes to increasing Naturalia’s Critical Imprint.