A grain of spirit in your life






CBA repositions the brand Daddy by deploying an iconoclastic and atypical differentiation strategy driven by the design of its packs.

/ Background

Daddy and CBA have been working together for more than 15 years to position the sugar out of the wall by reinventing it in everyday life.

Daddy has never stopped trying to make its image of « product of convenience » evolve. Challenge completed, thanks to a differentiation strategy driven by a packaging redesign, innovation and activation. Today, Daddy has become the Number 1 sugar brand in France.

In 2010, the iconic brand chose CBA to rethink its entire visual identity. The objective? To proudly claim its optimism and its non-conformism personnality to prove that sugar can get out of its commodity image. 

To do this, the agency suggested cultivating the brand’s complicity with its consumers by using a graphic style and a tone full of humour, and thus building a quirky, slightly impertinent personality. The brand’s philosophy turns into a genuine manifesto inviting everyone to letgo, which has been applied on pack and on activation collateral materials.

The unique design fully conveys theiconoclastic spirit of Daddy. Sugar cubes become characters, and are the heroes of amusing scenes takingplace on a 100% magenta background, alongside a lively typography. Daddy’s stories live beyond packaging and support the brand’s positivity indifferent media (B2B programs, gift, …)

DADDY 03 QUARTETT 4178x1905
CBA Cristalco Daddy Standardimage1
/ True vision

On a declining market, CBA had to find a coherent system. After a first step, until 2015, debugging a product of convenience, reinventing the offer, the use and the brand experience thanks to the design, Daddy has to be couragous again today, in order to grow even more and to behave as a leader.
Anticipating the renewal, innovating before its competitors… This was the new challenge, successfully completed by Daddy.

  • Was Daddy’s “troublemaker” brand personality still relevant for a market leader?
  • How to be a strong leader while keeping its DNA and personality?

Daddy now stands on two feet “emotion » & « pragmatism” and the new stake for 2016/2017 becomes “how to go from a “preferential” brand to a “referencial ” one without denying its spirit and values?

/ Creative expression

Daddy's get a relift

Daddy reinvents the sugar section with a design created for the shoppers, to bring them visual landmarks. It’s repositioning takes life in a new color combination and a landmark system, more remarkable and visible on shelves than before.
The offer has been simplified, the enlarged logo has become the major component of all the packs.
Daddy remains positive & out of the wall and has a new baseline “un grain d’esprit dans votre vie”. It’s a strong and structuring evolution!

CBA Design Daddy Logo Website
CBA Design Daddy 21 Website

After a background work on the customers & shoppers, 2016 became a new step in Daddy’s history, to go from the “crazy teenager” to the “iconoclast adulthood” keeping its brand values and its DNA: surprising, creative, curious out of the wall, trendy, emphatic, plural, accomplice.

This master project is a real “massive structuration weapon” with a new design. Innovation is in the heart of all concerns, and totally changes the consumption habits. With 23.4% of market shares, the brand consolidates even more its capt’ain category position.

A collaboration that has lasted 15 years: the success story explained by Isabelle Segalla, Customer Director.

/ Results

The CBA work for Daddy had excellent results as it won:

  • The Price in Branding category at the TopCom Consumer Awards 2012
  • The Price in Packaging category at the TopCom Consumer Awards 2012 
  • Two Pentawards in 2013 and 2014 for the limited editions “Prisoners” and “Skiers” created by CBA

And the Daddy x CBA adventure didn’t stop there, since in 2020, the agency signed the big switch to kraft packaging for the brand.