CBA & Mutty

Gastronomy and editorial design

The collaboration between CBA and the independent bookshop Mutty continues. This month we talk about the combination of gastronomy and editorial design. 

Cookbooks have always been among the bestsellers in Italy, and in every bookshop the section dedicated to cookbooks, manuals and guides is constantly growing in number and variety. But not every cookbook combines usefulness and beauty, and that’s what we and Mutty have been dealing with. 

So today we will tell you about our small selection of publishing projects that combine a special focus on the design of the book with some relevant and current trends, such as anti-waste and sustainable food.

CBA Insight CbaMutty Editoria gastronimica single

Scarti d’Italia 2 | From North to South, a green culinary adventure where nothing is wasted

Valentina Raffaelli – Luca Boscardin
Corraini editore

Scarti d’Italia 2 is a cookbook that embodies sustainability, where each recipe reminds us that Italy is a great garden, and that we only need to sharpen our eyes in local markets to find an immense wealth at our fingertips.

This exploration, which combines the knowledge of designer cook Valentina Raffaelli and the illustrations of Luca Boscardin, is the second chapter, after the one dedicated to offal and what we normally discard of meat. After the sell-out success of volume 1, the authors now delve into the field of agriculture, looking at the current system of production and distribution, and once again prompting us to ask questions: do vegetables have to be “beautiful” to be “good”? How much food do we waste? And how many products do we not even consider?

CBA Insight CbaMutty Editoria gastronimica scarti
CBA Insight CbaMutty Editoria gastronimica scarti 1
CBA Insight CbaMutty Editoria gastronimica scarti 2

La grammatica dei sapori VEG

Karen Page

People have always chosen to adopt a vegetarian or vegan food style for various reasons: ethical, economic, linked to personal or planetary well-being. This book, however, capturing the latest international trends, suggests one more reason: “veg” cuisine, in addition to being ethical and healthy, is also able to maximize flavor, too often “masked” by heavy foods such as meat-based broths, butter, cream, and more.

“Glossary veg” presents itself as the book to discover a completely new cuisine, based on the exaltation of flavor, thanks also to the contribution of important world chefs.

CBA Insight CbaMutty Editoria gastronimica Veg 1
CBA Insight CbaMutty Editoria gastronimica Veg

Il pane è oro

Massimo Bottura

“These dishes can change the way we feed the world, because anyone can cook them, anywhere and with any budget. To feed the planet, we must first fight waste.”
Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura has been at the forefront of the fight against food waste for years, and in recent years, this issue has gained prominence. He has drawn public attention to this problem with his refectories – canteens that use surplus food from supermarkets and other local suppliers to offer healthy, seasonal meals to people in need. “Bread is Gold” proposes three-course meals conceived by 40 of the world’s greatest chefs (from Alain Ducasse to Carlo Cracco, from Davide Oldani to René Redzepi and Ferran Adrià), who have transformed humble ingredients into extraordinary dishes – 150 recipes in total.

CBA Insight CbaMutty Editoria gastronimica Pane
CBA Insight CbaMutty Editoria gastronimica Pane 1
CBA Insight CbaMutty Editoria gastronimica Pane 2