CBA & Mutty

The collaboration continues between CBA and the bookshop and cultural space Mutty.

Addressing the topics of food and restaurants in the Italian publishing world, Mutty has chosen to present L’Integrale. This four-monthly magazine adds a further narrative element to the business experience of the baker Davide Longoni, lending consistency and “fragrance” to an all-round project that sees the Milanese entrepreneur inspire and support the launch of a magazine that is beautiful as well as interesting. 

L’Integrale is a magazine that draws inspiration from the subject of bread, to then examine the world that develops around it, reflecting the thinking of the baker Longoni, who says that his bread is made above all “outside the workshop”, because it is agriculture, exchange, conviviality and much more. This cultural view of the baking profession has led to the emergence of the “publishing extension” that is represented by this magazine, now in its third edition, an issue dedicated to Fire. The magazine is part of the Mutty selection not only due to its content, in which gastronomic experimentation is combined with an idea of true sustainability, but because it is a beautiful magazine, where the bold illustrations by Gianluca Cannizzo share space with contemporary photographic projects, all framed in a graphic style that pleases the senses of both sight and touch.

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The first three issues offer a wide range of stories that show the scope and importance of the term “bread”; ranging from new methods of cereal cultivation to the threats to agriculture caused by climate change; from recipes for sourdough to a graphic novel on the cutting of firewood. There are also lots of answers to important questions: what is a good diet? Can AI substitute the baker in the dough-making process? Why is the toasted sandwich an expression of the contradictions of food capitalism? Each issue is a collection of essays, reports, stories, photographs, illustrations and recipes; all good reasons to read this new magazine about bread and culture.