A purpose and a vision to become a B Corp

CBA supporting Fileni in bringing forth a new model of ethical enterprise

For CBA, talking about sustainability has always meant starting from the facts and working with brands to identify their concrete commitment. Acting as a brand activist is a serious matter because consumers have become increasingly aware and demand greater transparency.

So today, we are happy to tell you more about our journey with Fileni. A project focused on their Purpose, Vision and Mission, which has led the brand to be the first B Corp in the world in its sector.

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Thanks to the company’s firm belief in its choices in pursuing sustainable innovation for more than 20 years, we have reached this crucial goal. They have worked through tangible initiatives, taking all the steps necessary: organic farming, the production and purchase of electricity with a Guarantee of Origin, antibiotic-free breeding and a Sustainability Report covering the entire supply chain, with the final goal of Benefit Society certification.

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Facts first, then. A brand must equip itself with a strategic plan for two fundamental reasons: to guide future choices coherently and to communicate (internally and externally) their long-term project. CBA enters here through a strategic project divided into five phases, involving the company board and the first line of Fileni management.

  1. We conducted a brand assessment to discover the ambitions and deep motivations of the board and the Fileni family;
  2. During a workshop with the owners and management, we co-designed the commitments and method the company wants to adopt in light of past successes and future objectives (The Future Backward Method). 
  3. We measured the current perception within the company, among local stakeholders, the supply chain and consumers of Fileni’s areas of commitment through KPI scoring.  
  4. We devised an action plan for the next 3 years so Fileni can concretely implement the commitments made while also reporting and improving the perception in all areas;
  5. Finally, we developed the first communication toolkit of the strategic plans to engage all stakeholders equipped with physical and digital materials and a visual identity of their own.

In this newly formulated Purpose, Fileni completely takes on and practices the concept of Regenerative Culture as a common good for all and the new generations in particular.

Today Fileni, with a well-grounded purpose shared by all employees and members of the supply chain, is the standard-bearer of an ethical approach to production and consumption. Their method gives life to a new business model, which enhances the territory sustainably and with profit.