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2020 is certainly not a year that will pass unnoticed. We have reached the inevitable moment for drawing conclusions, and in many newspapers, opinion columns or social media message boards we read that 2020 has been classified uniquely as a year to be forgotten, the worst year ever according to TIME magazine. In actual fact, we can say that there is more than this: while on one hand 2020 overturned our lives and sent us reeling, on the other hand it has forced us to change, to use our creativity, imagination and curiosity more, and better, in order to meet the various unexpected occurrences and the abrupt change in context.

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So we thought that celebrating the start of the new year using our imagination could be a good way of looking forward to 2021, hoping for a more serene year, generous in satisfaction, because we strongly believe that curiosity, ingenuity and creativity can be the methods used for the creation of a better world.

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When we consider an object, a work of art, a person, a landscape, as beautiful, our judgement reveals something that we can ‘feel’ but that at the same time we are unable to define.

Beauty is a quality capable of satisfying our soul by means of our senses, becoming something worthy of contemplation and a means of expanding our imagination.

As designers we are constantly searching for it; we believe that it can be found everywhere, you just have to learn how to discover it!

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Today we are living our daily lives mainly in our homes, and it is here that we have searched for beauty, discovering details in the simplicity of everyday objects in order to bring a new narrative into existence.

By accessing the link, you can look through the gallery that we have created, and you can likewise use your imagination to discover new viewpoints.

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You can also download your favourite images and utilise them to personalise your devices (computers, smartphones, tablets).

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