De Nigris, From identity to branding experience

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We have been at De Nigris’s side in its transformation from manufacturer to a brand targeted at the most sophisticated of customers and gourmets.

Consumer demand regarding food has become increasingly specific and inquisitive, and this also applies to vinegar, a category that is, in itself, very traditional and not particularly distinct. De Nigris, which has been producing vinegar for four generations, required a worthy proposal, capable of interpreting and satisfying the demands of its customers.

The dedication to innovation which is a characteristic of the history of De Nigris and its products was decisive in defining the “creative spark” as the concept upon which to construct its new brand identity.

The ambitious objective was to go beyond the values of tradition and specialisation in the world of Vinegars and Dressings, and take the De Nigris brand into the future

Luca De Nigris
CBA De Nigris Lineup 1

A creative cut which releases the historical and modern-day dimension, a logo which can become a shop sign, as well as a guarantee of Italian excellence for traditional and modern products

Armando De Nigris

This creative spark was key to interpreting the characteristics of each product and to inspiring customers. It is expressed visually by an oblique line that, through varying styles of artistic expression, builds an identity made up of just a few ingredients which are combined with creativity in multiple variations.

before after

The key stage in the project was the division of the products into 4 pillars according to the product’s use


Consumer demands were placed at the centre of the reorganisation of De Nigris’ wide-ranging product portfolio into 4 categories, each of which responds to clear and diverse requirements: every-day seasoning, exalting flavours, surprising the palate, and caring for one’s health and the environment.

before after pillars disione a quarti ENG

To help consumers in their selection, we have created a product description system that presents the characteristics in 4 points. The same system is used in e-commerce, thus creating a unique product experience.

The narration and experience of the product become universally accessible through e-commerce. Designed to go deeper and captivate through narrative, the modular structure of the page allows for the creation of layouts with an editorial style. A tailor-made management system allows for the adding of chapters to a story that evolves over time. The visual language of the products is expanded on each page, creating personalised sections for every product category.

Lastly, we designed the buying process by putting ourselves in the client’s shoes, offering the opportunity to purchase De Nigris products together with their daily shopping on the principal merchant sites. An alternative that eliminates one of the biggest barriers to the online purchasing of food products.

The new brand thus becomes a tangible experience in boutiques, which are privileged points of encounter with the most demanding and international of clientele. Located in airports and city centres, the uniqueness of balsamic vinegar comes to life in a sophisticated boutique which immerses the senses in the ingredients and traditions that make balsamic vinegar unmistakable.

Guided tastings allow one to learn to distinguish all of the nuances that render this a unique product.

2018 03 12 De Nigris Packaging Aceto Modena 1
2018 03 12 De Nigris Packaging scatola mod
2018 03 12 De Nigris Packaging Perle 1
2018 03 12 De Nigris Packaging panettoni A

De Nigris is the most important producer of balsamic vinegar in Italy, and one of the leaders in the sector, with a wide range of wine and apple cider vinegars. It has been present in national and international markets for 125 years, becoming category leader in a number of countries. In its factories in Naples and Carpi, in the province of Modena, the company creates its products of excellence, directly managing, with regards to Balsamic Vinegar, 90% of the raw materials.