Perugina, The heart of chocolate

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A new identity for Perugina, cocoa and chocolate brimming with history and passion.

Perugina is a brand that is rich in history and passion, that has its uniqueness in its cocoa, chocolate creations, and the personality of its founder, Luisa Spagnoli. A brand capable of moulding the taste of Italian chocolate desires.

CBA CH Perugina 01

The starting point of every desire is always a heartbeat, an impulse that radiates out and takes different forms. This is the concept behind the new Perugina brand, which starts life from an intense core, surrounded by a ring of bright chocolate, and expanding in different ways, leaving space for the personality of the individual products.

2018 02 19 Perugina logo

Each family is expressed through a different tale: a generous dusting of cocoa for the baked goods, a lively brushstroke for the Tablò bars, a sensual and mysterious light for the more intense products, an artistic motif embellished with gold for the gift products.

Founded in 1907, Perugina is a historic Italian confectionery brand specialising in the production of chocolate. In 1988, the brand was acquired by the Nestlé Group, but the heart of the production remains in the factory in San Sisto, Perugia. It is now distributed through modern and traditional channels.