The new e-mobility way

Business needs



We created Enel X Way, Enel’s new global business line for electric mobility

Enel X tasked us with a challenging goal: the creation of a new brand driving the global transition to electric mobility and setting the industry’s standard. We then worked directly with the new company to design the brand identity, based on the concept selected by the CEO of Enel Starace and the CEO of Enel X Way

Our journey began with a global study on the needs and evolution of this growing market led by Kantar. The research revealed a strong need for an easy and reassuring brand capable of ushering in a new concept of mobility that could express the freedom and joy of electric driving.

We came up with the suffix “Way” – a short, memorable word with a double meaning. The first hints at the street as a space where the brand lives and moves; the second conveys the idea of a dedicated course of action.

cba work enelxway 02 mood 1

From a visual point of view, the icon represents the synthesis between the concept of a solid and reliable point of reference and the desire to reach new destinations. 
Like the North Star for a traveller, Enel X Way is your guide in travelling via electric transportation.

The choice of colours signifies the company’s brave stance, differing from the current market players. Purple represents Enel X’s core, and pink expresses the brand’s positive and revolutionary message, in tune with the emotions typical of travelling.

cba work enelxway 04 poster

The key visual element is the central icon, designed as a bright starburst: colourful, impactful and energetic.

The design system also comes from the same core idea. We devised it to be dynamic with a wide range of uses and applications while remaining coherent and recognisable across various channels. Thus, the brand can mark its presence on multiple touchpoints in a balanced way.

The products also featured the new identity, making them consistent with the company language.

cba work enelxway 07 prodotti 1

The brand launch took place at the Rome E-Prix circuit on 10 April 2022, during the Formula E stage. For the event, we created custom printed and digital materials telling the story of this new business. We curated all aspects: from the social teasing phase to the initial stationery and outdoor communication.

Finally, we designed the brand guidelines, providing a solid identity management tool. These are fundamental for the correct implementation and application of the Brand Identity by all Enel countries, thus guiding all suppliers and partners involved in this journey.

Enel X Way is the new Enel Group company entirely dedicated to the electric mobility. With more than 600 employees, Enel X Way operates in 16 countries and manages more than 380000 charging stations.