Marin: Power that regenerates  





The creation of an innovative and sustainable fertilizer brand   

Ambios, a member of Natter, a Brazilian agribusiness group, is recognized for its innovative plant nutrition solutions. Focused on regenerative agriculture and with the aim of promoting agriculture in favor of life, its product portfolio has been expanding.  

For the launch of its new line of sustainable fertilizers, it had the support of CBA B+G for the creation of the new brand, a broad project that encompassed brand strategy, brand identity, naming and packaging, as well as portfolio architecture, to position the new brand in its product portfolio.  

The power of the sea and Ingrow technology  

Ambios latest innovation is Marin fertilizer. The product is a blend of Ingrow – an existing fertilizer in the Ambios portfolio, which is a freshwater fish extract – and natural amino acids extracted from seaweed. This potent combination offers specialized plant nutrition, optimizing plant health and strengthening them against adversities such as drought, high temperatures and low light.  
What makes Marin special is its composition. While most competitors use only one type of algae, Marin is made up of three, increasing its ability to combat various natural stresses. In addition, the presence of amino acids of both plant and animal origin makes the fertilizer a superior product on the market, which also relies on certified suppliers.  

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Nowadays, due to the high amount of organic matter present in ocean waters, there is an excessive production of algae, a process called eutrophication. This process unbalances the ocean floor and harms marine life, as the excess algae on the surface makes it difficult for light and oxygen to reach submerged living beings. Thus, the development of a product based on algae is a circular reuse, giving Ambios’ new fertilizer a sustainable appeal.  

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Nature as an inspiration

To build the strategy for the new brand, we carried out analyses of the main players in the market and interviews with Ambios experts. By identifying the key aspects of the new line of fertilizers and their alignment with the attributes and values of the parent brand, it was possible to define the positioning of the new products and their role within the company’s existing portfolio.  
With the proposal to offer crop recovery and integration through an innovative and sustainable solution, the new brand needed a name. Marin was born from the idea of regeneration coming from the sea, evoking marine images, and its visual identity corresponds to an expansion of this connection.  

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Nature is the brand’s main inspiration, a source of productive balance that tirelessly develops intelligent and innovative solutions. Marin’s visual concept is based on organic shapes, with bright and luminous colors, alluding to regenerative power and the optimization of natural resources in a sustainable way.  
With the launch of the new Marin fertilizer line, Ambios not only expands its portfolio, but also strengthens its position as an innovative plant nutrition business. 




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