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A partner in transforming the future of industry

Oxygea is a startup hub designed by Braskem to foster disruptive innovations through incubation, investments and different mechanisms of interaction with startups, with a focus on sustainability and digital transformation.  

In yet another partnership with the global petrochemical company, we were responsible for branding its new business, including creating the brand strategy, naming, verbal identity and visual identity. 

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A visionary and adaptable personality

To develop its brand strategy, we established Oxygea’s differentiating guidelines, responsible for guiding its actions and facilitating communication with different audiences. Starting from the purpose of “transforming people’s lives, catalyzing their entrepreneurial strength to drive sustainable futures”, we identified the brand’s values, which led to the creation of a unique personality that was as visionary as it was adaptable, with just the right amount of boldness to adjust to change. These elements led to the creation of an impactful, energetic and vibrant positioning.

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Inspiring innovation and positive impact

Oxygea’s verbal identity directed the content for building the brand itself. Because the brand is charged with transformative energy, the tone of voice accelerates action, through statements that invite people to act towards the future. In line with the visionary and adaptable personality, the texts bring ‘fresh air’ to their subjects, dialoguing with those who read them. Through its discourse, the brand empowers and inspires people to think innovatively, towards a more sustainable future.

As for the name, Oxygea is based on the concept of oxygenating, being a business focused on fresh, renewing and long-lasting ideas and, above all, on the intention of empowering startups leveraging sustainable entrepreneurial power to bring positive impact. After all, oxygen is the essential element for achieving a sustainable future, through the transformation of industry and people.

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Entrepreneurship valued

Its entrepreneurial attitude inspired the creation of an impactful identity. The logo embodies the brand strategy and reflects the essence and culture of a business focused on transforming the future of industry. The predominant black color, as well as the photographic style, refer to the universe of innovation. Together with green and violet, the color palette anchors and balances the brand’s expressions. We also used supergraphics, which capture the vibrant essence of Oxygea. The boldness is reflected in the dynamic arrow pointing to the future.

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