D'Onofrio Reserva: Time knows best

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Peruvian origin and tradition are the inspiration for the creation of a new premium line of chocolates made with 100% domestic cocoa

Although enjoying a strong market share in the country chocolate market, Nestlé Peru had not yet entered the premium segment, which has been growing in importance and relevance over the years. So, the company decided to ask its consumers which of their portfolio brands would better fit the premium category, and D’Onofrio was the answer – a centenary brand loved by Peruvians.

The abundance of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest

Besides understanding which brand would better fit the new segment, a yet more important question has arisen: what does it mean being premium, after all?

For Peruvians, sophistication comes from origin. They take pride in their ancestral roots and the popular culture is their most precious asset.

Therefore, our first move was to explore the country traditions. Together with a team from Nestlé we traveled around Peru to get a close look at their fairs, villages, and cities, taking a deep dive into the local culture and costumes. Then, we went to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. We visited small and medium-scale cocoa farms where farmers, together with their families, produce the best and purest cocoa paste in the country. We have learned that it takes 3 to 5 years to complete the cultivation cycle, from sowing to the first harvest.

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Local culture as inspiration

Inspired by the living contact with the local culture and tradition, we moved to the next step – the creation of the new chocolate brand concept. We studied D’Onofrio Masterbrand’s strategic documents, such as the essence, consumer profile, market surveys and the existing brand portfolio, that already has premium Panettones. Based on the living experience and adding the strategic analysis, we developed the creative concept for the whole line. Inspired by the abundance of the rainforest, we have created an illustration that represents the cocoa in its environment. The colors chosen were also inspired by nature, with earthy pastel tones. The copper tone contrasts with the other colors highlighting the quality and care of the new premium line.

We have presented visual codes for the parent brand, such as typography, colors, patterns, textures, and hierarchy of elements, besides the naming strategy. These cross elements are the foundation for the graphic system of the new brand, named D’Onofrio Reserva.

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Stories about the origin

To complete the brand rationale, we felt the urge to add an important element: the cocoa origin history. This emotional element, essential to lend credibility to the new line and build a connection with people, is in the inside of the packaging. Following the creative concept El tiempo sabe lo que hace (time knows best), stories are told, enhancing the cultivation, the harvest, and the selection of the best beans. It is a product that cherishes the making of chocolate, the time and dedication behind its production. A line of chocolates that values authentic recipes and the respect for the origin, producers, and ingredients, as do the Peruvians.

D’Onofrio Reserva line has 70% cocoa bars, bonbons and pralines, all wrapped in vibrant colors and traditions of the Peruvian culture.

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