Itubaína: We can’t wait for fun





New visual identity to enhance the brand’s real essence

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Although it was born in the 1950’s, Itubaína is an eternal child. Just one sip is enough for its traditional and distinctive taste to make people go back to childhood. Over the years the brand has changed, increased its portfolio, broadened its range of versions and flavors, but has retained its essence.

So, the challenge presented to our team was to convey the brand’s new positioning, leveraging the brand’s assets and iconic identity while keeping its unmistakable spirit.

A traditional and iconic brand

Itubaína’s brand repositioning followed an ambitious value proposition: to be perceived not only as vintage, inexpensive or a niche brand, but acknowledged as a mainstream brand, although not a conventional one. A brand that has a spontaneous spirit, with a touch of authenticity, and still essentially fun and dynamic.

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Seamless evolution

Our challenge was to give the brand a facelift, keeping the strong assets and brand recognition codes, whilst refreshing the brand’s visual identity. An evolution that reinforces its new positioning of spontaneous fun, so to attract new consumers without losing the features recognized by its present consumers.

The new visual identity brings life to the brand revealing Itubaína’s dynamic, fun and authentic world. The vibrant colors, contrasting with the burgundy and beige (main trademark colors) denote pleasure; the rays suggest energy, a texture that adds vitality and vibration to the visual composition; the sans-serif letterform confers fluidity, freedom and modernity to the brand – all features of evolution present in the packaging and visual concept.

The guidelines were organized in a Brand book, an operation and implementation brand guide, approaching from strategy to communication in all touchpoints, including portfolio structure and launching of new flavors. A global and integrated view of all the brand’s touchpoints, praising Itubaína’s spontaneous, fun and authentic world. Because we can’t wait for fun!




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