NESCAFÉ® Artesano: Celebrating the culture and origin of Colombian coffee

Nestlé Colombia




Innovation and sustainability in every variety

To celebrate its authentic Colombian origin, its commitment to sustainable production and its superior taste, we redesigned the NESCAFÉ® Artesano varieties for Nestlé Colombia. The project, aligned with the new global visual identity of NESCAFÉ® Make Your World, presents an elegant and inspiring design, full of colors and elements that highlight the culture and art of its regions of origin.

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Regions and flavor profiles

The result is a project that values tradition and origin while being connected and committed to responsible production practices. To represent the varieties, elements have been highlighted from each region where the grains are grown, and which, thanks to the characteristics of the soil, offer different flavor profiles.


The Antioquia region is known for its music, such as pasillo and bambuco, the Feria de las Flores in Medellín and its delicious food, such as bandeja paisa and ajiaco. The paisas are known for being friendly and hard-working, and the region has beautiful colonial towns. It also has stunning nature, coffee plantations and mountains.

Valle del Cauca

Valle del Cauca is famous for being the capital of salsa, with the city of Cali as the epicenter of dance and music. Afro-Colombian culture is an integral part of the region, featuring prominently in traditions, dance and gastronomy. The region offers a diversity of delicious dishes and enormous natural beauty, with the mountains and beaches of the Colombian Pacific.

Santuario Risaralda

A place where folk music and coffee culture take center stage, the plantations being an essential part of the local economy and culture. Its colonial streets make Santuario a special destination in Colombia’s coffee-growing region.

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Origin, taste and sustainability

NESCAFÉ® Artesano varieties demonstrate a commitment to positive impact through conscious cultivation and appreciation of local culture:

The coffee origins of Colombia: With a clean and exclusive look, each pack highlights the culture and art of the Colombian regions, emphasizing the uniqueness and superiority of the coffee from each location.

Sustainability of the chain: The NESCAFÉ® Plan is committed to renewing millions of coffee trees and improving the lives of coffee growers in Colombia, guaranteeing the sustainability of the entire supply chain. Currently, 100% of NESCAFÉ® Artesano coffee comes from responsible sources and, by 2025, 100% of the coffee used by Nestlé will come from responsible sources.

Conscious Production: The factory in Bugalagrande operates with 100% renewable electricity and transforms coffee waste into energy, accounting for 30% of the operation’s electricity use.




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