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Encouraging behavior change on consumption and waste recovery   

>> This project won the iF Design Award 2024, category Service Design. <<


Braskem, recognizing the need to transition to a more sustainable and circular economy, identified a significant opportunity in embracing circularity in the chemical and plastics industry. The challenge was twofold: firstly, to develop and make available circular products that would meet the growing market demand for sustainable solutions; and secondly, to educate and engage the public about the importance of conscious consumption and proper disposal, encouraging a paradigm shift in society in relation to the use and recycling of plastics.

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Circular ecosystem

To meet this challenge, Braskem, in partnership with CBA B+G, created the Wenew brand, an ecosystem that symbolizes circularity and encompasses four fundamental pillars: products, education, technology and circular design.  

We built an inspiring and powerful vision for Braskem about circularity, reinforcing the company’s position as an important player in this market. After defining the brand’s purpose, we outlined a collaborative, inspiring and restless personality. The brand’s values are precise and ambitious: the belief in the circular ecosystem, the reframing of recycling, education and professionalization actions aimed at thinking about the life cycle of products and the ongoing commitment to the best quality of the solutions offered. 

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Renewal and novelty

From the creation of the strategy, we have shaped a personality that is open-minded and, most importantly, collaborative. Because we believe in the potential of joint strength. The identity reflects the essence of a company committed to sustainable development. All the elements of the identity and logo refer to circularity, from the design to the name, along with bold typography, a vibrant color palette and illustrations that create a connection with the public. The circle is declined in supergraphics and is present in several of the brand’s applications.   

The name “Wenew” was chosen because it is a neologism that evokes the idea of renewal (“we + renew”), and because it represents the new, as well as being a palindrome, symbolizing a continuous cycle.   

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In addition to the issue of eliminating plastic waste, Wenew resins have demonstrated a significant reduction in carbon emissions – of up to 48% compared to conventional virgin resins, representing a “double” positive impact. 

Economically, Braskem has seen significant growth in sales of circular products, from 2,400 tons in 2019 to 54,400 tons in 2022, demonstrating the market’s growing acceptance of sustainable products. In addition, the brand has set the ambitious goal of reaching one million tons of recycled content products sold by 2030.  

On the social and educational side, the ecosystem has played a crucial role in raising awareness and educating the public. The brand has been present at large-scale events such as BBB 23 and Rock in Rio, impacting more than 600,000 people and recovering more than 370 tons of plastic by 2022. These actions demonstrate Braskem’s commitment to not only providing sustainable solutions, but also to leading by example, encouraging changes in society’s consumption and disposal habits.  

All of Braskem’s circular products, its education initiatives on conscious consumption and proper disposal and the technologies that support the company on its journey towards the circular economy are identified by the new brand. Find out more about the possible circular future on the  Wenew website.

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