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The French motorway network APRR calls upon CBA Design to develop the branding platform for its service brand Fulli and its visual identity.
/ background

The French motorway companies APRR and AREA’s brand, Fulli, has brought together its brands Mango Mobilités for toll payment, KiWhi Pass for electric vehicle charging cards, and Fulli for gas stations under one name.

By combining these 3 brands, the motorway networks create the unique service brand of the APRR group – Fulli.

CBA has thus developed the brand platform and visual identity of Fulli in order to:

  • Position them as a comprehensive ecosystem brand that offers mobility service solutions for all moments of travel ;
  • Regain their position in the field of electronic toll payment.

Establishing the Fulli instinct.

CBA has developed a more effective and immediate visibility, improved understanding through simplification, encouraged a more spontaneous adoption, and offered an experience that aligns better with consumer behaviors.

To achieve this, Fulli’s new brand platform was built with the core idea of keeping only the best from the journey, a positioning that was subsequently implemented across internal and external touchpoints. In the visual identity, we find the brand’s generosity, its service-oriented approach, and its ecosystem dimension.

Fulli logo
/ an emotional & functional branding

Enjoyment in mobility.

Each brand element is designed to evoke both emotional and functional aspects, contributing to an overall sense of optimism: the colors, movements, rounded shapes, and dynamism all play a part. The goal is to capitalize on its current heritage and reputation while maintaining simplicity.

The selection of the recognizable and distinctive blue color sets it apart from competitors in the same sector and creates a connection with more digitally connected mobility brands like Waze, BlaBlaCar, etc.

/ a simple & effective visual language

A strong brand ecosystem.

Fulli is a generous and optimistic brand that doesn’t shy away from making a statement to spread its good vibes! It invites us to join its comprehensive ecosystem where everything is included, from the most practical offers to the most emotional services.

Ultimately, Fulli is a bubble of well-being that lightens the burden for travelers, vacationers, or professionals, freeing them from constraints and allowing them to live in the present moment with a smile, keeping only the best from the journey.

220110 FULLI 1
220117 FULLI PRES25
220110 FULLI goodies
220110 FULLI 2
fulli fleche
/ a brand that connects with its users

An accessible and intuitive digital experience.

The graphic redesign has improved visibility, simplified the brand experience, strengthened the connection with travelers, and offered a travel experience that is better suited to the needs of consumers.

The identity system has been implemented across digital platforms, such as the website and mobile application.

220117 FULLI PRES14

Keep only the best from the journey!

By keeping only the best from the journey in its new brand platform, Fulli has embraced a strong positioning that is consistently deployed across all its touchpoints, whether internal or external.

This new visual approach reinforces brand uniqueness and ensures a consistent experience at every stage of the customer journey. CBA Design has thus developed:

  • An emotional and functional branding through a simple and effective visual language,
  • A colorful and distinctive graphic territory,
  • An accessible and intuitive digital experience.

Fulli now positions itself as a generous, service-oriented, ecosystem-focused brand that is firmly oriented towards the future. Through its new brand platform, Fulli is ready to conquer new horizons… on the highway!

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