Pasta with style






A refined identity for the new foreign format for Italian restaurants.

Pastyle is a new Italian fast-casual restaurant format created for foreign markets. The idea of a group of Italian entrepreneurs, it is aimed at creating a quality offer based on the hero of Italian cuisine: pasta.

Focusing on the choice of ingredients and studied preparation, a concept has been created for a high-profile yet accessible venue, an everyday premium where the elegance of the Italian lifestyle is combined with the quality of the food, creating an elegant style that is far from cliché.

The name that we have created is the result of the combination of Pasta and Style, to communicate the vertical offering of the menu and the elegant style of the venue. The tagline – Authentic Italian Pasta – is a confirmation of the origins of the proposal.

The logotype is characterised by bars that echo the pasta drawplates, a motif that can be found throughout the visual language.u2028The restricted two-colour palette creates a neutral and identifying background that is adapted to all the materials and against which the images of ingredients stand out.

The Pastyle interiors are characterised by a gilded portal, a scenographic element that separates the dining area from the kitchen, as well as the bar and the mosaic floor with the brand.

pastyle sito doppia 01

The furnishings are also inspired by drawplates, an original design that lends value to the unique nature of the format.

pastyle sito doppia 02

Just a few essential elements, conciseness and strong coherence allow a memorable character to be lent to the experience that is felt both inside and outside the venue.

Pastyle is a project developed by a group of Italian entrepreneurs from the real estate and catering sectors. The first branch opened in Munich in April 2019.