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CBA was commissioned by Burton of London to design the identity and retail design of its new concept store: Sauvage Poésie.

The promise of a place where the unexpected happens ...

Sauvage Poésie is the promise of a place where the unexpected happens.
This is the concept store that wants to derail the daily grind of monotony.
And gets out of the boxes to experience more ecstasies.

In the aftermath of the Covid period, not very enchanting and synonymous with the closure of a number of so-called non-essential stores, CBA was commissioned by Burton of London to design an explosive space.
Explosive space and full of realizing the entire value proposition: brand strategy, offer strategy, naming, visual identity, and retail concept.

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The objective was to create an atypical place with a strong personality welcoming within it a sharp selection of products and a program to surprise passers-by. The place must be a clever proposition of fashion, decoration and cultural objects. If iconic French brands have been invited and find this place a new set of choice (Habitat, Burton of London, Rasurel, Chevignon), more confidential brands also find their place there, subject to carrying the promise of the place.

The graphic territory and the surrealism of the tone of voice are found in the retail experience, the bespoke or second-hand furniture reinforces this impression of the unexpected by being diverted or magnified by an astonishing scenography.

So, are you ready to brave boredom to experience the euphoria?

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