1089: Set forth for change







Creation of the new visual identity for an initiative promoting a positive change in people’s lives.

/ contexto

A positive change in people's life.

According to Massimo Grandis, founder of 1089, the non-profit organization was born as a positive response to all the people who, in moments of crisis, shrug their shoulders, or at best, leave the task of finding a solution for others. A proposal which includes testimonies of women and men motivated by the desire to grow and improve through culture and debate.

Therefore, the chosen name refers to the extraordinary list of 1089 men who followed Garibaldi and, using their scarce resources, managed to unite Italy, motivated by the desire to improve their circumstances.

/ storytelling

From this inspiring vision, we carried out, alongside the founding members of the organization, a co-creation initiative to establish a Brand manifesto:

We share life stories to affirm that change is possible. We believe that each individual is unique, exceptional and full of potential. We believe that culture, experience and discussion are powerful sources of inspiration. Believe in yourself, be curious. Let’s begin our unique journey of growth together.

CBA Design 1089 branding 08

The Brand manifesto is followed by the design of its visual identity, which uses an energetic and explosive language, conveying the messages of the organization through an open, transparent communication with its own personality.

 An openness that is rooted in the expression of the logo, where the numbers have been built through a contemporary stencil, which invites us to see and go beyond the surface.

CBA Design 1089 branding 02
/ color palette

Finally, its unmistakable chromatic identity is based on the dominant use of a bright green, representing strength, positivism and hope. In short, a branding whose simple and linear graphic style helps the organization’s messages to always be welcoming and to create an emotional bond with people.

CBA Design 1089 branding 05
CBA Design 1089 branding 01

CBA has been able to interpret our way of thinking and translate it into a new, innovative and powerful visual approach. A team that has worked with extraordinary professionalism and generosity.

– Cetti Galante, Founder


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