Carlos Jean






Creation of the new visual identity for Carlos Jean, one of the main characters of the Spanish music scene.

/ context

Try it differently.

In a continuous search for his own authentic expression, Carlos Jean needs to develop his brand image in accordance with his philosophy “Try it differently”. A lively proposal, which conveys the essence of Carlos Jean in a clear and dynamic way.

CBA Design Carlos Jean Branding 01
CBA Design Carlos Jean Branding 06

To achieve this, a solid logo is built like a seal, which allows the development of an elastic brand that does not put limits to creativity, but expands it.

An image that captures the energy and intensity that moves it, where the design of textures and infinite gradients dilute the barriers, allowing the free expression of the creator in all his disciplines.

CBA Design Carlos Jean Branding 05
CBA Design Carlos Jean Branding 04
/ Visual language

The result is a chameleon-like, flexible and dynamic brand, capable of reflecting the artist's versatility in all its facets, from the simplicity and closeness of a new iconic language.

A unique opportunity to build an appropriable and timeless brand that capitalizes on the concept of the transformative power of music. A visual identity with absolutely contemporary codes, which reinforces Carlos Jean’s presence and personality, boosting the visibility of his work and empowering his role on the national and international music scene.

More than ever, music can be seen.

— Carlos Jean


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