Late Madrid

Philips Foundation






Creation and development of the visual identity for the new project driven by the Philips Foundation and the Spanish Heart Foundation, placing Madrid as a reference in cardio-protection.

/ context

Generate a positive impact on the city.

The main objective of the initiative revolves around the awareness and education of the population to identify and act on cardiac arrest. A campaign whose objective is to create a positive impact on the prevention of cardiac arrests and death from this cause and which positions the Community of Madrid as a reference in cardioprotection, to be taken later to other cities in Spain.

CBA Design Late Madrid Phillips Foundation branding 01
/ visual language

This inspiring and exciting project needed a lively, flexible and dynamic visual identity that would convey the relevance of what the initiative represents.

To do so, we defined a vibrant and impressive branding, articulated through urban graphic codes. Thus, the logo takes on a life of its own and gives rise to two endearing characters that help communicate the project’s key messages in a simple and close way.


From a chromatic point of view, the combination of red, blue and white gives rise to a modern, lively and joyful expression that generates a recognizable and timeless visual impact in all the ways in which the brand communicates.

CBA Design Late Madrid Phillips Foundation branding 08
CBA Design Late Madrid Phillips Foundation branding 07

The brand is built using a customized typography that refers to the heartbeat, supported by a simple and easily identifiable complementary typographic style. 

An identity that looks ahead with optimism and a clear intention: to keep Madrid's heart alive.

CBA Design Late Madrid Phillips Foundation branding 05

As part of the creative challenge, we also collaborated with Carlos Jean and Ogilvy Spain in the definition of their sound image.

We developed the Sonic logo and an original song entitled ”Mueve el corazón”, meaning Move the heart, whose video clip stars Chema Martínez, runner and Philips ambassador.

/ Result

Ultimately, a timeless audiovisual identity, whose conceptual freshness is capable of connecting with all audiences, identifying LATE MADRID in any media or communication action, making it an icon itself: the urban heart.


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