Nescafé Retail project labelled Janus du Commerce

CBA Design, London


CBA’s successful collaboration with the Nestlé’s teams has been rewarded! Nescafé project receives the Janus du Commerce 2016 label.

Janus du Commerce is a label of excellence which « awards the retailers able to use design as a thinking and innovation leverage to humanize to the act of purchase and to help consumers feel comfortable ».

It is sponsored by the Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade and recognized by all design professionals.

CBA Design Nescafe Janus Commerce 2016 Single 1

Nescafé offers a new distribution model, in total opposition to more classic retail strategies, and its multi formats concept answers the  crateria of the label: Economy, Aesthetics, Ergonomics, Ethics and Emotion.

This award emphasizes the solidarity and the performance of the numerous collaborations between CBA and a brand with strong image and business stakes. It also confirms the know-how and expertise of the CBA Retail team managed by Françoise Novel.