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Audacious collaborations deserve to be celebrated

/ background

Martell collaborates with some of the most cutting edge and exciting global artists.
They needed a way to celebrate these artists and their unique talents & shared values.

/ True Vision

Our teams at CBA decided to create an online to offline gifting platform campaign that celebrates and amplifies the audacious and uncompromising spirit of Martell.

The campaign needed to create visibility and act as a content platform, engaging consumers and capturing the Martell brand ambition.

/ creative expression

An Audacious House, Steeped in Tradition

We created a collective of global talents, each with a unique artistic background, to spread the audacity of The Martell House through the telling of their own personal stories, and their reinterpretation of tradition.

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Inspiring Creation & Collaboration

Through our key campaign graphicWe created a socially and digitally driven campaign leveraging technology which allowed consumers to collaborate with the Martell artists


An international graffiti artist who’s style comes from his reinterpretation of the meaning of graffiti. From underground opposition to a friendly and joyful expression.

Dr Woo

A first-generation American Tattoo artist who has redefined the codes of tattoo culture with a crafted and ultra detailed style.

Ghetto Gastro

An American culinary collective and cultural movement at the intersection of food, design and community empowerment.

Mathias Kiss

A contemporary artist and craftsman who distorts the base of his know-how to break the codes of statutory luxury.

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