This year we hold another edition of our

trends curation project!

CBA’s global team of designers, strategists and content experts have selected from out there what they considered top-notch in terms of design, branding and consumer trends, focusing on positive impact.

From this great curation we highlighted 15 trends that, in this year, will continue to encourage brands – large and small, from all categories – to innovate in order to become more useful to society.

Design Trends 2

Every new experience, product, packaging or service designed is

an opportunity to be useful.

Trends are segmented into 5 pillars -pillars from the utility map of our Critical Imprint methodology

Design Trends 4
Design Trends 5
Design Trends 6
Design Trends 7
Design Trends 8
EN Environment Design Trends 2023 by CBA

There is no Planet B, and we ought to take care of the one we live in.

Designing environmentally friendly packaging is a must: we need to consider the use of different packaging materials and formats.

Life-cycle thinking & minimalism are the new mindset.

Brands are increasingly celebrating

diversity, empowerment of minorities & inclusivity.

EN Empowerment Design Trends 2023 by CBA
EN Wellbeing Design Trends 2023 by CBA

We're seeing a rise of brands that speak to the V-lifestyle,

a boom of digital healthcare solutions catered to communities, and a playful integration between beauty and food brands.

The pandemic and the ongoing process of globalization
have many of us questioning what is it that we want for
our future as a society

... as well as intensifying
habit changes
& cultural
paradigm shifts.

EN Society Design Trends 2023 by CBA
EN Access Design Trends 2023 by CBA

Brands are experimenting with new ways to reach their consumers,

by making their offer more economically affordable, or expanding their presence in the metaverse and on social media.

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