Symmetry VS. Rebellion

Enrico Dorizza, Chairman and Chief Creative Director of JWT Italia, comments on our project for Tenuta il Bosco.

Whether red, white or rosé, still or sparkling, the wine world is full of symbols and codes that have all added up over time and which a meticulous designer cannot ignore but must seek to reinterpret.

This job for Casa Vinicola Zonin, Tenuta Il Bosco, is an excellent example. Every aspect has been handled with respect and knowledge and kept very clean. The result is a distinguished image that remains fresh and contemporary.

I particularly like the choice to ‘rebel’ against the traditional rectangular label and opt for immediately recognisable asymmetrical shapes with a strong personality, just as, on the contrary, I like the total symmetry of the concentric pattern that starts from the O of Oltrepò on the bottle of Poggio Pelato.

The cases are beautiful and the decision to represent the sparkling wine with a precise graphic style was an excellent one: the repeated bubbles become a symbol that easily expresses that elegant vivacity that a wine like Olrtenero deserves.

A toast to a job well done! Enrico.

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