Designing freshness and flavor





A bright take on freshness and flavor to reinvigorate the goat cheese category.

As a brand with low awareness and a complex product range, in a category that felt uninspired, the moment was ripe for Chavrie to reinvigorate their brand. They sought to share a more relevant brand story that would spark creativity, and make an emotional connection with consumers.

2000 x 1592 chavrie crackers

By elevating the goat to icon status, simplifying key brand assets, and applying graphics consistently across the range, we created an easily navigable visual identity system that is proud yet approachable, and unexpected with a hint of whimsy.

During a collaborative work session involving our client, we identified project objectives, based on market and category insights, and established guardrails for design ideation.

We modernized the packaging by transforming the goat image into a playful icon and introducing a suite of vibrant and uplifting colors. We simplified the brandmark and strengthened the brand color, red, to bring cohesion to the portfolio and build recognition. To further drive flavor differentiation, we drew inspiration from the previous watercolor effect, giving it purpose and color variance.


The resulting design system encourages consumers to unleash their inner creativity, conveys the versatility of the Chavrie portfolio, and reinforces the brand’s promise of freshness and flavor.

2406 x 1592 chavrie pyramid 191028 160949
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Rooted in its French heritage, Chavrie is crafted from high quality dairy sourced from the best farms, delivering a uniquely delightful taste experience and fresh-flavored goat cheese.