Gerber Good Start

Packaging Redesign






A Formula for Healthy Tummies & Happy Babies

Business Need / Challenges

Gerber’s impressive legacy started in 1927, since then and through periods of huge growth, they have been dedicated to providing the best for your baby; from prenatal to preschool. Earlier this year, the Gerber Good Start team identified a need to refresh their packaging design system to dial up their powerful brand purpose – emphasizing the human and emotional result of getting a good start in life.

Nourishing Healthy and Happy Babies

Inspired by Gerber’s brand heritage and the formula’s compelling benefits, we were challenged to bring the balance of nurture and scientific excellence to life through the lens of the ‘Good Start’ brand. At a foundational level, we created a visual connection to the Gerber master brand for increased recognition and premiumization of the product line. 

The graphic consistency and clarity introduced is also integral to the new packaging design system – we focused not only on creating a clear communication hierarchy, but also a design that looks worthy of nourishing and nurturing your baby. The rising sun locked up with our logo symbolizes an optimistic new day that evokes radiating joy. The soft white clouds and natural watercolor design reflects wholesomeness and the gentle warmth of a human touch. The rising sun, clouds and colorful sky differ in color and content to drive differentiation and identification between pillars. 

Gerber GS keynote single 01

Above all, in a category where parents are driven by fear of making a mistake, it was our collective goal to simplify the design and improve shoppability. To make it easy for parents to find and decide which product is right for them, the product benefits are organized in a consistent location on the bottom half of the tin. The graphic for the ‘branded active benefits’ has been optimized to represent Gerber’s scientific excellence as clear as it is informative.

The prominent Gerber logo represents the enduring and nurturing side of the brand, and it seamlessly connects with the clearly structured communication hierarchy, speaking to Good Start’s scientific reliability and powerful benefits. The overall impression supports a message that reassures parents at both the functional and emotional level.

Gerber Products Company was founded in 1927 in Fremont, Mich. Gerber joined the Nestlé family on September 1, 2007. Gerber is a leader in early childhood nutrition. At Gerber, research informs everything we do – from the products we make, the nutrition education we deliver and the services we offer. Gerber provides resources from the Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study (FITS) for health care professionals at and for parents at