A uniquely spiked coconut water for a balanced lifestyle






Adventure and Limitless possibilities, in a can

Hard Seltzer continues to be a booming category within the alcohol industry. Its success is attributed to the better for you product attributes. Every brand within this space totes three key product benefits: low calorie, low carb and zero sugar. While healthier for you than a beer, no product was claiming added health benefits… until now.

The average Hard Seltzer drinker is health conscious and desires beverages that are refreshing, easy to drink. They aspire to fully enjoy a night – or day – of drinking, without the worry of a hangover or the bloated feeling that one might experience from drinking a beer.

Osena is the first drink on the market that balances freedom and control but without the next day ill effects. It not only promises the same benefits of its hard seltzer counterparts but also promotes the added benefits of hydration and electrolytes due to its coconut water base.

OSENA casestudy 122120 DC 03

We created a Brand World directly influenced by the duality of our core consumer- responsibly health conscious yet fueled by a thirst for life.

Osena embodies a vibrant, quirky aesthetic balanced by a tranquil ambience. Coconut palm trees are abundant and an element of every key visual, it is the source of the magical liquid that transports us to this limitless place. Visitors hungry for adventure are welcome here. The monkeys you find supporting each piece of communication can often be found looking mischievous, for a purpose! They remind us life should not be so serious by bringing levity to our bold and contrasting graphics.

OSENA casestudy 122120 DC 06

The world of Osena is situated against a sun bleached white, offset with bright colors representing all the flavors and accurately visualizing the personality and vitality of the brand. This idyllic and optimistic world is anchored by a more classically designed Brand Identity. The Osena brand emblem is carefully crafted with all the key elements mentioned above, celebrating our base liquid front and center with the coconut palm tree. It is protected by two monkeys opposite each other, appropriately enjoying a drink. Again, reminding us that one can be responsible while also enjoying every moment.

Osena was founded on the spirit that you have the power to live a balanced life fueled by adventure. Now, take a sip and allow yourself to uncover the extraordinary, a lifestyle that is thrilling and adventurous. This is Osena.

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We partnered with the energetic co-founders Chris Allen and Vicente Surraco at CV Brewing. Propelled by a condensed timeline and finding ourselves having to acclimate to new ways of working remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were challenged to work smarter and more efficiently.

Our adaptive process, Sprint Mode®, enabled the entire brand building and design process to complete within 8 weeks. Through our online collaboration tool, Mural, we held virtual brainstorms and workshops helping us align within two weeks on a direction for Brand Strategy. As we kicked off design, we continued to finesse the Brand Pulse, the complete strategic DNA of a brand which includes a Brand’s essence, purpose, archetype/personality, values and positioning.

Thoroughly inspired by our in-depth virtual sessions and focused brand strategy, we launched into creating the optimistic and visually stunning Osena world you see today, including packaging, activations and print communication. Never losing sight of the brand promise: a balanced lifestyle, without compromise.

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