Pongo, Platinum Pentaward Winner

Concept Ideation






We are proud to announce that we have received the 2022 Platinum Pentaward in the “Professional conceptual work – Home, leisure & other markets” category for our Pongo concept project.

For fun fur freshening

Pongo is a pet friendly aromatherapy spritz, that freshens and pampers your furry friends, so you can hug them that little bit closer! Formulated to safely neutralize pet odor, Pongo also provides emotional support through a variety of all natural mood enhancing scents for their wellbeing and care.

How we did it

The structure is a custom molded plastic alternative base with a slightly modified trigger spray head that’s common to all SKUs. Recyclable full-bleed shrink-wrap graphics cover the body of the structure allowing for an endless range of doggos, fun outfits, seasonal editions and possible online customization. Cheeky canine-inspired scent names aim to put a smile on your face, with key ingredients and the primary benefit called out underneath. Since ‘Work From Home’ became a thing, we all need to smell good to spend that much time together!