A name inspired by the Universe






CBA collaborated with Philips to create a new name and identity design for the Philips home appliances division after its transition to Hillside Investments.


In partnership with CBA’s associate, River + Wolf, the new name “Versuni” emerged. This name draws inspiration from the vastness of the universe and its boundless possibilities, as well as from the universe within our homes. This fresh identity also shaped our mission, encapsulated in the phrase, “Turning Houses into Homes’.

Philips to Versuni
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CBA facilitates global client collaboration using the Mural platform, bolstered by proprietary models that bridge the agency-client gap. Our collaborative efforts are meticulously documented, ensuring milestones are readily accessible for project reference.

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Opening a world of potential.

We fostered the co-creation of creative territories and presented diverse interpretations of our positioning for Versuni. Through a co-creation workshop involving participants spanning multiple locations in the Netherlands and the US, we expedited decision-making compared to traditional analogue workshops. Ultimately, the “Opening a world of potential” territory was selected for pursuit.

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An identity centered around a 'V'.

CBA crafted an identity centered around a “V” opening into the universe. The Vertex serves as the inception point, extending through the strokes of the “V” to create a canvas for visuals that reinforce our brand narrative. Our identities are channel-agnostic, designed to excel across all media. We scrutinize the big idea and strategize its application in print, motion, and social media.
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The ultimate output was a comprehensive brand book, defining and templating all assets. Rules were established to simplify application, ensuring seamless adoption by everyone associated with the Versuni brand. Each brand poses a unique challenge; in this case, we harmonized gradients to ensure they work seamlessly across all proportions and formats.

The brand has been successfully launched, showcasing the full spectrum of former Royal Philips household goods.

You too, seize the opportunity to enhance your branding!