A new green space

The return to life at the agency is taking place with a new outlook to the future and a different approach to methods of work. In order to adapt to this change, we have redesigned our external spaces to improve the quality of time spent in the office and to encourage sharing even more.

After one and a half years of smart working, most of the people at CBA are gradually returning to life at the agency. The remote working experience has shown us that a balance between working from home and presence in the office makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of both methods: on one hand, the concentration guaranteed by smart working, on the other, the constant interchange of ideas facilitated by daily life at the agency. The new normal will therefore comprise a balance between these two different ways of working, with the objective of bringing added value both to our projects and to the lives of us all.

2021 07 21 Un nuovo spazio verde 01
2021 07 21 Un nuovo spazio verde 02
2021 07 21 Un nuovo spazio verde 03