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Bakeries are a true Brazilian institution, a place that encompasses much more than the beloved daily bread. In this project we carried out for AB Mauri, the challenge was to analyze the broad and heterogeneous universe of bakery in the country to understand the diversity of the stores, their owners and bakers.  

A Brazilian subsidiary of the British-based Associated British Foods (ABF) group, AB Mauri is one of the country’s leading producers of bakery and confectionery ingredients, operating in the industrial, food services and consumer segments. In Brazil, the company owns, among others, the Fleischmann and Fleischmann Gran Finale brands, which produce leavening agents, mixes for breads and cakes, fillings, toppings and vegetable creams. 


Journey of knowledge

As a market leader, AB Mauri had the challenge of gaining a better understanding of Brazilian bakeries, to clarify the differences in characteristics between them, especially in their business management and production methods. To do this, we sought to define the types of profiles of bakery owners and bakers, as well as the bakery segments that exist in the country, so that we could then design a business strategy to serve them, allowing the company to maximize the potential of its customers by capitalizing on the different characteristics of each one.  

Through a quantitative survey of more than 2,000 respondents in eight Brazilian cities, we cross-checked the data to establish general attitude profiles.   


After profiling the players in the process, we moved on to segmentation. Based on the data collected, we were able to categorize the different customers based on their characteristics and capabilities, giving us a clear view of their needs and then understanding what types of products and services could be offered to each of them.  

"It's essential to have the transformer close to us, to deepen our understanding of them. Only in this way can we learn about their real needs and become more assertive in building our strategy."
Laura Lunas
Food Solutions Marketing Manager at AB Mauri

The power of co-creation   

With the data, our team held a joint workshop with the AB Mauri team to co-create portfolio, engagement and service support initiatives, with the aim of structuring a business plan for the company. The following were defined: 


Uunderstanding the profiles and segments made it possible to identify the innovations with the greatest potential and market, considering the relevance and size of each segment. The types of leavening agents most used, the level of experience of the baker/confectioner, the routine of the owners and a series of different variables were valuable lessons learned, resulting in the construction of a solid business strategy for AB Mauri that is consistent with the diversity of bakery environments in the country. 

"The segmentation study revealed the different types of profiles not only of bakeries, but also of owners and bakers in Brazil, through a representative sample that can be extrapolated. The result allows us to direct our efforts towards delivering product and service solutions aligned with the characteristics of each profile, making the investment more effective."
Giovana Chiaramonte
Product Manager at AB Mauri 




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