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How to illustrate a sensory and musical experience in the laundry room

With the aim of attracting those who are just starting to wash their own clothes, OMO, the leading brand in the segment, has developed OMO Vibes, a line of soap inspired by musical genres. In collaboration with Spotify, the new edition of the product uses entertainment to bring the brand closer to young people, launching products with different fragrances and packaging to represent different musical styles.

cba latam omovibes hero 3900x2075
cba latam omovibes single 11 2400x1600

Illustrated musical genres

Seeking to break the idea that washing clothes is a monotonous task and turn this moment into a fun and sensory ritual, five variants were created inspired by different musical genres: pop, electro, pagode, sertanejo and funk.

Our team was responsible for creating the entire design concept, which explores the visual universes of each musical genre and the moment of washing clothes, inviting the consumer into this multi-sensory experience. The color palette was inspired by the vibrant colors of liquids, and the personas represented seek to reinforce a democratic and diverse universe, in addition to connecting with each musical style.

Through a curation of artists with a style and personality that connects with the target, illustrator Bruno Miranda was selected to develop the illustrations that brought the concept to life. In his work, we can see influences from urban art and his connection with music, which, according to him, “is a channel for transmitting emotions and telling stories”. The packaging artwork was merged with the illustrations, so that the result is a visual composition that overflows from the label, evoking the movement and “vibe” of each musical style.

"Omo Vibes is our latest product in the Omo Liquids portfolio aimed at Gen Z. We are very happy with the visual expression developed by CBA B+G and the choice of Bruno Miranda to illustrate the artwork. Through the colors, the characters and other elements, we came up with an attractive proposal for our consumer."

cba latam omovibes single 14 2400x1600
cba latam omovibes single 15 2400x1600
cba latam omovibes single 12 2400x1600

Digital environment

In addition to the concept, materialized in key visuals and used to develop the entire campaign, CBA B+G also developed the packaging and hero images created for the digital environment, since this product line is a 100% digital launch for the brand, sold exclusively on Amazon e-commerce. As Fernanda Varnum, the project’s creative director, explains, “coming up with a concept that would be viable and complementary on both online and offline platforms was a major challenge for the whole team”. The result is pure vibrancy.




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