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Strategic definition of the brand platform and creation of the new territory of expression and visual identity, for the museum dedicated to the life and legendary work of Charlie Chaplin.

/ context

A sensory immersion into the world of Chaplin

Among lakes and mountains, are being opened to the public the doors of the mythical Manoir de Ban, the family property where the actor lived. A unique place that proposes an incredible journey through time, based on the symbiosis of cinematographic, multimedia and virtual universes. A sensory immersion into the world of Charlie Chaplin to live the emotion of the encounter with one of the most recognized artists of the 20th century and the celebrities who marked his life.

/ visual identity

In order for Chaplin’s World by Grévin to become a reference in the cultural leisure market, an identity is being developed which not only respects the visual essence of Chaplin’s universe, but also ensures its immediate identification in Switzerland and abroad.

CBA Design Chaplin's World branding 04

Therefore, a brand is designed with an international vocation that aims to transmit the heritage of the public man, the private man and the collection of his work to future generations.

 A representation that is achieved by defining a unique and vibrant territory of expression that transmits the life of the actor, enhancing the intrinsic attributes of the Chaplinian heritage: illusion, timelessness, artistic excellence, humor and emotion.

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