Espirituosos España

Federación Española de Bebidas Espirituosas






Creative strategy to optimize the naming and redesign the visual identity of the Spanish Federation of Spirits.

/ context

A new elastic and forceful identity.

On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, FEBE decided to relaunch its brand image with the aim of reinforcing its role as an organization, conveying the vision of a united sector, and enhancing the visibility of its mission.

A unique opportunity to build an efficient and lasting identity that capitalizes on the main values and attributes representing the federation. Commitment, responsibility and dialogue are identified as the main pillars of its brand positioning and, therefore, key drivers for strategic and creative thinking. In this sense, the first step is based on the optimization of the naming; going from “FEBE” as an acronym of “Federación Española de Bebidas Espirituosas” to “Espirituosos España”. An evolution in the naming that seeks to improve its readability, pregnancy and quick identification to the purpose of the organization.


CBA Design Espirituosos España branding 08
CBA Design Espirituosos España branding 07
/ visual language

This new name is followed by a new iconic logo and visual language, which become the guiding thread of the brand's narrative.

New graphic codes that flow elegantly over any communication support, configuring a forceful and flexible image that empowers conversation and establishes a significant connection between the organization and its different audiences.

CBA Design Espirituosos España branding 04
CBA Design Espirituosos España branding 06
CBA Design Espirituosos España branding 05
/ result

An elastic identity, which extends to the various committees of the federation, for which a vivid palette of colors and complementary icons has been developed, allowing its easy identification.

A new territory for Espirituosos España, coherent with the essence of the organization and consistent in its expression and scope.


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