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Celebrating the authentic expression of contemporary Mexico.

Olmeca Altos pays tribute to the quality and tradition of true Mexican tequila by creating a new visual identity. A commitment to revaluing its brand essence, highlighting its authenticity and showing the strength of its origin in a captivating way.

CBA Design Altos Pernod Ricard Branding 09

To do so, we use CBA’s Brand Senses methodology – which explores the brand’s expression through the five senses – with the aim of establishing the visual principles and building the foundations of a flexible design system capable of providing rhythm to the brand expression.

CBA Design Altos Pernod Ricard Branding 08

The bottle becomes the flagship.

The protagonist of the new visual language that allows to capture and symbolize the quality of the production process – from the sowing and harvesting of the agave to the distillation and aging process – along with its human and artisanal touch. An identity system full of nuances that evoke the cultural heritage of Mexico.

CBA Design Altos Pernod Ricard Branding 02
CBA Design Altos Pernod Ricard 04

Regarding graphic codes, we use the Altos blue together with other complementary color codes to generate diversity. The typography and photographic style are redefined as well, with revitalized expressions of a modern Mexico. In addition, through sustainable textures and materials, we create both on-trade and off-trade environments that enhance the brand experience. And, in a complementary way, aiming to achieve a greater connection with people, we designed a new iconographic system that allows us to enrich the universe of the brand and empathize with the consumers in all its points of contact.

The result is a new dynamic identity that fully represents Mexico and its facets. A design system that illustrates with detail not only the tradition, but also the sophistication of Mexican culture.


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