Numen Premium Water







Creative strategy for the definition of the brand platform, storytelling and visual identity of the first Spanish premium water.

/ context

Where elegance and delicacy come together.

Born in the Montes de Toledo, Numen Premium Water was born with the intention of revolutionizing the water market in Spain. A daring bet that breaks the patterns of the category and emerges with a product of unique properties, transporting us to a world where elegance and delicacy come together to create an unprecedented experience.

Awarded with several design prizes and internationally recognized for its unforgettable personality, Numen Premium Water is built on the very etymological origin of the word, which evolves into the creative concept that synthesizes the strategic platform in “Source of Inspiration”. This is how the new sense of luxury is born, which captures the gentle balance between health and taste in a crystal-clear bottle that stimulates the senses.

CBA Design Numen Premium Water branding 08

Inspired by the elegance of a jewel the visual identity of Numen Premium Water is built through memorable aesthetic codes.

An iconic bottle, a color palette with personality, contemporary and timeless typography, and an exquisite, unique and exclusive baroque frame that enhances the logo create this delicate and elegant identity.

CBA Design Numen Premium Water branding 01
/ result

A reflection of the timeless legacy of Numen Premium Water, through which we created an appropriable language, which positions the brand in a differential way in all its communication media, generating consistency in its inimitable representation.


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