Braskem brand in corporate environments





Creation and application of the brand visual identity in the corporate environment

>> This project won the iF Design Award 2024, category Interior Architecture. <<


Braskem – our long-standing partner (get to know the cases we led for its strategic repositioning, the I’m green brand expansion, and the creation of the brand Cazoolo) – entrusted us with one more challenge: to build and apply its identity in the corporate areas, starting with the headquarters in São Paulo, integrating the brand into the company’s architecture to create a proprietary and unique environment .  

The project started before 2020, but underwent adaptations due to the pandemic. Braskem, like many other companies, has adopted a more flexible way of working, with a new layout and a new proposal that favors spaces without fixed workstations, creating a more flexible setting. 

 The firm Athié Wohnrath was responsible for the architectural design.

CBA Latam BraskemBE 01

Brand subtle presence in an environment that enhances human relationships

We understand the importance of valuing the construction of an inviting environment that enhances human relationships; in other words, creating a warm and versatile space, attributes that have become even more important after the pandemic. At the same time, our aim was to integrate the brand into the space for people to experience the “B way of being Braskem”.  

With this concept in mind, we created the branded environment. The presence of the brand in the space is subtle. We applied Braskem’s proprietary shapes in the informal meeting spaces, for a touch of modernity. The logo becomes a decorative element that blends into the architectural project, as in the application of the B on the wooden panel, or in its adaptation into a sculptural totem placed in the reception area. Supergraphics were translated into rope panels in the form of partitions, or into hyperbolic ones on walls and glazing. By integrating the company’s resins into the environment in vases and pencil holders, we could introduce a Braskem product into the daily lives of employees and visitors.  

Braskem’s messages and tone of voice were also integrated into the project. The green wall in the cafeteria, in addition to bringing visual comfort and well-being, highlights some of the pillars of the company through the use of LED lighting. The boards communicate brand values through the integration of verbal content, icons and varied shapes.  

To highlight the feeling of comfort and tranquility, elements such as plants, fabrics and natural lighting were prioritized. From the tone of the wood to the choice of fabrics in the stands, everything has been designed to provide a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.   

As for signage, it was developed from the study of flows and the characteristics of the office plan, resulting in a set of aerial signs and flag signs that adapt to the circulation dynamics of the area. 

After three months of work, the result is a set of cozy and comfortable environments, creating spaces at Braskem headquarters where employees can unwind and work, outside of their regular duty stations. The guide prepared by CBA B+G will serve to expand the environmental design and signage to other Braskem spaces. 

This is undoubtedly a work that contributes to a perennial and deep dissemination of the company’s culture, in addition to generating greater perceived value for all team members. 




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