Comedy Hack: because good humor is essential





How to increase brand performance through comedy

In yet another co-creation project with Paramount (come take a look at the award-winning MTV Music Hack), this time we worked in partnership to create the Comedy Hack. As popular wisdom goes, laughter is always the best medicine. So, together we researched and explored the universe of comedy with experts and audiences to understand and map the different possibilities of humor – and use it to offer brands opportunities to establish a more fluid, authentic, and contagious connection with their audience.

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A framework for applying humor

The process involved a great deal of strategic and analytical work. To develop the comedy platforms, we researched the different ways comedy is done, studied comedians and archetypes, and then mapped types of humor. Thus, by establishing the strategic role of the use of humor in a brand – such as positioning, pillar, or activation – it is possible to identify the best approach to operate within this universe. 

The main idea is to provide opportunities to use humor for brand communication on Comedy Central, so that each brand can choose the best way to use playfulness to achieve their goals.

...if every brand has a 'persona' and everyone enjoys a good laugh, this means that any brand can communicate using humor – from telecom to funeral homes.

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And to help them find their own laugh, a toll-free number has been set up. Find out more on this web page created by Paramount, come check

Comedy, in addition to being a passion and a sort of natural antidepressant, can also be used by brands as an ally for more efficient and humane communication. Gosh, is this a hell of a project!

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