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Building a new brand to tell a story of expertise and vocation for innovation forever dedicated to the support of advanced banking systems, with clarity, simplicity and flexibility.

/ context

People-centered IT solutions.

Centrico was born from the experience and entrepreneurial vision of Sella Group in order to widen its horizons by providing unique core and digital banking solutions, and a wide range of Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing services both to companies within the Group, banks, fintech companies and other financial players.

Our goal was to describe clearly and uniquely the skills of 130 years, basing it on a structure that expressed an innovative approach and technological services, building a language that is recognizable and easy to expand. 


The Italian word “Centrico” was chosen as the name because it is simple, easy to remember, and it underlines the brand’s role at the heart of banking systems: Centrico is the IT infrastructure on which financial services for individuals and companies can be constructed.

/ visual identity

The brand identity was developed starting from a simple, evocative point of reference: the programming language.

 An ideal solution for an operation hallmarked by its dedication, expertise and constant attention to its customers. The logo is typographical, evoking the concepts of openness and dynamism by means of the use of three punctuation marks, the bracket on the left, the slash at the centre and the colon on the right.

CBA Design Centrico branding 01
CBA Design Centrico branding 02
/ result

A modular language that, together with the photographic portraits, clearly expresses the two main axes of the brand: technology and people. An identity that, through its simplicity, allows to expand its expression in different media and points of contact

In short, an easily appropriable and flexible language that conveys the essence of Centrico, a company created to provide state-of-the-art IT solutions for the banking and financial sector, always with customers and employees as the main focus.

CBA Design Centrico branding 03


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