Thirst for life






Creation of the visual identity and packaging for Osena, the new spiked coconut water cocktail for a balanced lifestyle.

Osena is the first brand in the US alcoholic beverage market to offer a low-calorie, zero-carb, zero-sugar cocktail in a can. Its composition is perfect for balancing freedom and responsibility with the added benefits of hydration and electrolytes, due to its coconut water base. A cocktail designed for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, and at the same time, are driven by a thirst for life.

CBA Design Osena branding 09
CBA Design Osena branding 011

Our challenge was to create the new brand, its visual identity and packaging, taking into account another factor: the challenge posed by the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, when the project was developed. This required us to work remotely and look for efficient solutions to make it happen. Therefore, we collaborated with the founders of the brand using the CBA USA Sprint Mode ™ method that allowed, through brainstorming sessions and virtual collaborative workshops, to complete the process of strategy, construction, and creation of the brand within just eight weeks.

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CBA Design Osena branding 01

Thanks to this methodology, we were able to align and establish the basis of Osena’s imaginary and configure its identity from an optimistic and idyllic aesthetic in which coconut palm trees are abundant, or rather, the sources of the magical liquid that transport us to a limitless place, accompanied by monkeys, providing dynamism and a sense of adventure.

CBA Design Osena branding 08

A visual identity made up of modern and street graphic codes, which take us back to a relaxed and cheerful lifestyle, where a sun-bleached white is the protagonist, offset with bright colors, which represent the personality and vitality of the brand.

The result is a strong, vibrant, unique and balanced brand experience that conveys the essence and values of Osena, allowing it to be consistently represented in any type of media in contact with its consumers.

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