Design Trends Report 2024

A new edition of our Design Trends Report by CBA. 15 trends to encourage brands to innovate and become more useful to society.

New year,

new Design Trends Report!

15 trends
5 pillars.

In a world where change is the only constant, the ability to discern fleeting fads from enduring trends is more crucial than ever.

We have highlighted 15 trends that promise longevity and sustainability, transcending the ephemeral nature that characterizes the world of brands, with a focus on positive impact.

Our report, covering over 40 industries and 90 case studies, revolves around 5 pillars derived from our Critical Imprint utility map:

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There is no planet B.

Reinventing raw materials and everyday consumer products is a necessity: we must consider material innovation and reorient product life cycles.

Ancient wisdom is increasingly acknowledged for modern environmental solutions.

Inclusivity and diversity

continue to gain ground. Brands are increasingly rejecting binary gender norms and traditional aesthetics.

Sexual positivity, a multi-age mindset,
and the use of psychotropic substances

are increasingly adopted by brands for holistic well-being.

The rise of artificial intelligence is redefining creativity and strategic thinking

… while increasingly, brands integrate behavioral design into their strategies, thus promoting spaces of connection and shared experiences against digital isolation.

Web3 is redefining brand engagement through transparency, ethics, and decentralized control.

Brands are adapting to the rising cost of living by prioritizing cost-effective solutions, while cities worldwide adjust to environmentally friendly micromobility.

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