Maison Perrier

The beginning of a new chapter






Alongside CBA Design, Perrier launches Maison Perrier by capitalizing on the brand, reinforcing its Frenchness, premium position, expertise, and creativity.

The beginning of a new chapter.

Over the years, Perrier has become the icon and symbol of irresistible French lifestyle. To be in tune with the evolving needs of consumers and to meet the challenges of the beverage market, after 160 years of existence, the Perrier brand is embarking on a new path.

Following the redesign of its identity by the agency in 2021, Perrier is launching Maison Perrier alongside CBA Design, which allows the brand to reinforce its Frenchness and premium positioning, its expertise, and above all, its creativity.

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Maison Perrier, what is it?

Maison Perrier, a new brand from the makers of Perrier, unveils a range of premium sparkling beverages. This launch emphasizes Perrier’s commitment to innovation. It’s the meeting of tradition and modernity, thus embodying the very essence of the French Touch.

Our partnership with Perrier dates back to 2021. CBA Paris had already collaborated with the brand on various projects, including the famous Perrier x Starck collaboration.

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Perrier enlisted the teams at CBA Design to accompany them in creating the identity of their new brand.

This included developing the logotype, brand name, packaging design, communication materials, as well as creating a brand experience in retail spaces.


From typography to color palette, every design element was carefully crafted to ensure a consistent and impactful representation of Maison Perrier’s values across various touchpoints.

Following numerous brainstorming sessions, the branding and packaging teams at CBA Paris developed brand recognition through four signature iconographic elements: the crest, the bottle-silhouette, the house and the burst.


Four product ranges, countless inspiring possibilities. The brand offers 4 product ranges, drawing their strength from a unique style and French savoir-faire. The agency developed the packaging for each of the ranges.

  • Maison Perrier Forever range, sparkling water- based drinks flavored with natural flavors.

  • Maison Perrier Chic range, a new offer to meet the needs of a fast-growing segment: soft drinks and mocktails.

  • Maison Perrier & Magnetic Juice range, the fusion of delicious fruit in sparkling water for a fresh and tasty pleasure break.

  • Maison Perrier Energize range, an energy drink based on a blend of vitamins and caffeine, combined with natural flavors.

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Additionally, the agency helped ensure brand consistency by extending its identity to various communication materials. This included creating a limited edition box and goodies.

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The beginning of a new chapter.

By developing the logotype, brand name, packaging, communication materials, as well as various retail touchpoints, Maison Perrier is now a brand that meets the expectations of today’s consumers.

You too, seize the opportunity to enhance your branding!

You too, seize the opportunity to enhance your branding!